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Best Practice

Technique for making text distinct and readable

It's difficult sometimes to select the right color for text when it is placed over a photograph or graphic that contains many colors. The example below shows how to use a simple little device to that will make your text distinct and readable without trying to find a color that shows well over dark and light (not an easy thing to do, anyway).

Group dynamics and working style image

Left-hand graphic: the word "Group" is washed out by the background photograph

Right-hand graphic: all of the words are clear and readable, including "Group." A little gradient-formatted oval was placed under the text and over the photograph, making "Group" appear more clearly.

An oval was used here, but you can use any shape and color you wish. The gradient should be from the center, the outside color should be completely transparent, and the center color can be either opaque or semitransparent (you choose the percentage of transparency). This is a very easy and quick solution to making text pop on your slide.