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Using the Butterfly Graphics

The butterfly is a perfect symbol for metamorphosis. The illustrations are the five distinct stages of metamorphosis. They are available as vector graphics (line and fill editable) and as PNG (which are like photographs and uneditable except for the color tinting effect in PowerPoint 2007).

This series can be used to illustrate growth, change, the process of change, becoming something different, transforming, coming into being, etc..

Customizing the Butterfly Graphics

Adjust size

The download for this series contains both the editable graphics and the PNG graphics (tintable in PowerPoint 2007). The PNG versions are like photographs and can be scaled by holding the shift key down and resizing. The versions that are editable should be grouped first and then rescaled.

Color variations

The editable version can receive line and fill colors. There is a set within the download that has been colored to look like a Monarch butterfly, which can be used immediately.

The PNGs can be tinted in PowerPoint 2007.

2007 options

The only option that should be used in 2007 is the color tinting. The series example uses color-tinted PNGs in PowerPoint 2007.

3D variations

Don't apply 3D.


Don't apply shadows unless you are working in PowerPoint 2007 and apply a shadow a grouped butterfly or other.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

If you're going to work in color, gradients make the butterflies look much more realistic. Without gradients the butterfly looks flat less realistic. The colored versions in the download were colored in PowerPoint 2003 so they would be usable across application versions, but PowerPoint 2007 has many more gradient options that would make the butterfly even more striking.


Animate objects as simple reveals.

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