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Forces 015, 039, 052


Using Pressure Circles

It's difficult to show pressure being exerted on an object. These frameworks will work nicely to illustrate a round/circular object being surrounded and pressed in upon. The frameworks in this series were designed to work perfectly with the basic circular flows (cf003 and cf004). The arrows line up perfectly with the segments. You don't need to use the circular flows with these frameworks, however. A photograph and text can occupy the space within the circle/arrows just as nicely.

Check out this FAQ to learn how to create perfectly round WordArt for this series.

The series fr052 is a variation of fr039. It is much more prominent on the slide and it has built-in objects that are associated with the inward-pointing arrows. The concepts that they help convey are the same – pressure and influence – but with a slight difference. The frameworks in fr039 convey a surrounding pressure being exerted onto another object. This series conveys a group of connected pressures or influences.

The center objects can be replaced with photographs or other graphics. Refer to the tutorial for additional usage ideas and formatting techniques.

Customizing the Pressure Circles

Adjust size

These frameworks are all only one field, so simply hold the shift key down (to rescale) and resize to the desired size.

Color variations

Select color from your document's color palette or a complimentary color so that the PowerFramework will reflect the color scheme of the rest of your document. Select "No line" if you want to eliminate the outline of the object, or change the line point size if you want thinner or heaver lines.

3D variations

These frameworks look good with 3D applied, but a short depth is best since this graphic is typically used with other graphics. Shadows that are cast from an object will obscure other graphics that are close. Also make sure that the layers are correct: sometimes layering the objects on a page can make a difference in how the overall graphic looks.


Shadows look good with this framework, particularly the shadows in PowerPoint 2007. Like the 3D effects, the shadows should fall close to the object so they don't obscure the other fields that may be right next to the pressure circles.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Gradients work okay as long as you apply angled gradients. Radial gradients are only effective when using PowerPoint 2007, where you can control where the gradients and transparencies appear on each part of the graphic.


Animate these graphics as simple reveals. Download the animation example for a possible scheme.

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