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Best Practice

Photo Stock Selection Tips

There are many low-cost photo resources available these days. The millions of photographs are a useful tool for presenters to illustrate a message or to set tone for the presentation. However, some photos in these libraries are more useful than others.

When searching and selecting photos for your presentation, it's a good idea to select those which have not been artistically cropped by the photographer. When, for example, you are selecting a picture of a person or groups of people, try to find one that does not have body parts cropped off.

The photo on the left is cropped on both side, which makes it particularly limited in its uses. It's better to have no crops. The photo on the right is cropped so that it prevents the nice-looking woman's head from being cropped and used as a cameo or icon.

Of course the attributes and tone of a photograph need to be right, but if you have a choice, choose uncropped photos and then crop them yourself as needed.