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Concepts 122


Using the Seals

Seals can be developed for any company to signify quality, endorsements, awards, or as part of a certification. We've provided four versions of the seals, so decide how you want to use the seal and download the proper format:

  1. An EMF format, which can receive fill and line color, gradients, and all other types of formatting. Add your own company colors to brand the seal.
  2. A colored PNG format that is a "picture" of a seal, which can be recolored in PowerPoint 2007. The background is transparent, so you can place the seal over anything you want without completely obscuring what's under the seal
  3. A PNG colored, faded on one side so that you can add text to the side. These are not really seals, but they suggest that a standard has been met.
  4. A PNG grayscale, faded on one side so that you can add text to the side. These are not really seals, but they suggest that a standard has been met.

The two types of seals that are faded out on the right side are developed in the same manner as those in several other series: the book framework, clipboard framework and the magnifying glass framework – these are nice devices.

Customizing the Seals

Adjust size

PNGs: to keep the same scale, hold the shift key down while sizing. EMFs: group first and then resize (hold shift key down while resizing to maintain scale).

Color variations

PNGs are not eligible for color changes in PowerPoint versions prior to PowerPoint 2007. Some of the png seals are drawn with degrees of transparency so that a template's background shows through.

To recolor the png seals in PowerPoint 2007: click on (select) the seal, click on Format, and then click on Recolor. Then select the desired tint.

PowerPoint 2007

Other than recoloring png (above), a pretty drop shadow added to a grouped set of seal might be nice to add features PowerPoint 2007. Don't add shadows to the emf seals in PowerPoint 2003, however.

3D variations

Do not add 3D to the PNGs. The books are already drawn in 3D.


Don't apply shadows to the PNGs.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

PNGs are not eligible for this type of formatting. You can add gradients to the EMF seals to give them dimension and enhance realism. You can import photos into the elements of the EMF seals, but you can just as easily overlay a small picture.


Simple reveals are best to use if you feel the need to animate this slide.

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