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Presenter Program – 2 Subscriptions for the Price of 1

PowerFrameworks is pleased to provide a means for subscribers to "purchase" subscriptions for their favorite nonprofit organization(s). With the purchase of each subscription, PowerFrameworks will activate a subscription for the same duration as the purchased subscription for an individual working at a nonprofit organization. Nonprofits have been particularly hard hit by the faltering worldwide economy, so we want to partner with our subscribers to provide the valuable resources at PowerFrameworks to help nonprofits develop effective, visually enhanced fund-raising and outreach presentations.

We have been conducting this program on a small scale for a few months but have decided to offer it on a grander scale by letting our subscribers identify where the needs exist. Each new subscriber in May will be contacted by PowerFrameworks by email, requesting

  • the name of their chosen nonprofit organization
  • the name of an individual contact within the organization
  • the individual contact's email address
  • whether the subscriber wants to be named as the person responsible for the subscription or wishes to remain anonymous.

PowerFrameworks believes this partnership with subscribers can make a difference to nonprofit organizations.