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Best Practice

Easy-to-Edit Underlines for Text

If you use underlined headings, you probably use a text field and a line that is sized to span the width of the text or graphic below. Consider using a technique that needs one field instead of two (text and line) – being only one field, edits are ultrasimple.

The above headings are the same heading resized. Here's how you set it up.

  • Type your text heading
  • Apply the background fill color to the text: in this case the background is white, so the text fill is white
  • Apply a shadow

    Select Shadow Style 14 because the shadow is very close to the object.
  • Change the color of the shadow

    Either select one of the automatic colors from your template's color palette or click on More Shadow Colors … for more color options.
  • Adjust the position of the shadow

    The shadow shows on the right hand side of the text field, so nudge the shadow left using the nudge tool until the shadow on the right disappears (and it doesn't appear on the left side).

You're done. Now you can add your text and resize the field to whatever width you wish. Use this label over and over again in your document so you only have to format the text/line field once.