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Power Chart


This slide is a visually descriptive way to introduce layers; although, in this case, the "layers" are a device for introducing a list – keep this in mind for a bullet alternative. Rotating photos is a PowerPoint 2007 capability, so those of you with PowerPoint 2003 won't be able to develop this chart. There are only a few steps to create this slide.

  1. The first step is to select and uniformly size the photographs. The photographs in this layout will look good only if they are exactly the same size. Crop and resize photos as necessary. Then resize them all to the approximate size you think will work when layered on your slide (you can adjust for the final size later).
  2. The 3D rotation is simple to achieve once you have the formula. We've added a bit of perspective to the formula. To do this you must first apply a perspective preset to the photos, then you can add the perspective percentage you wish when you add the formula. Select all photographs and apply the preset 3D rotation with perspective to all of them at once.

  3. Then, with all of the photographs still selected, apply the 3D rotation formula below. The layering will probably be off, but you'll fix that in a later step (or you'll be relayering twice).
  4. Once you have the formula applied, center align the photographs. Then distribute them vertically so that they are evenly spaced: position the top and bottom photographs where you want them and then select all of the photographs and distribute them vertically.
  5. Make final size adjustment for all photographs together: select all photographs and rescale them by holding the shift key down as you resize them all at once.
  6. Add your leader lines and the text associated with each layer.
  7. Group each photograph, leader line, and text as separate fields. The layering is probably off as mentioned before, so make your layering adjustments now.
  8. Animate with simple reveals from the bottom to the top.

Be sure to view the flash to see a simple way to animate the reveals. We hope you like using this chart in your presentations. They're pretty, unique, and effective.