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Power Chart

Moving Background

This is a simple chart and a simple message, but the presentation creates a strong impression. Photo sites are beginning to offer the extra-/ultrawide photographs, which are perfect for this type of slide. You can also find standard horizontal photographs that are suitable to tell your story and crop the top and bottom and rescale, and they will work equally as well. Don't resize the photograph too much, however, or it will loose crispness.

This type of technique can visually communicate a transitioning landscape, change in climate using a photograph with a storm on one side and sun breaking through on the other, elevated efforts/results using a flat landscape transitioning to a mountain/hillside, etc. The animation scheme for the Power Chart is very simple:

  1. Photograph moves to right on click
  2. Text in upper right of slide appears after photograph finished moving
  3. Text at bottom appears on click.

Once you have selected the photograph you wish to use, position it on your slide and animate it with a motion path to the right. If you decide that you want text to appear as the picture is moving, you can format the text to appear by choosing "Start with previous" and adding in a 1 second delay (for example). If you want several fields of text to appear, format them all as "Start with previous" and add a 0.5 second delay to the first one, a 1 second delay to the next, a 1.5 second delay to the next, and so on. Of course, you don't have to use the time increments above, but that gives you the idea of how to animate text reveals as the picture is in motion. The more text you have, the slower you want your photograph to move. Set it to a motion speed of slow or very slow. Have fun with this one.