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Best Practice

Inventory the Easy Way

Tables are routinely used to display the presence or quality of attributes. The most frequently seen usages are shading the cells or adding moons/Harvey balls. Shading the cells is fine to use as a technique; but if the cells are vastly different sizes, the technique looks sloppy and clunky. The moons/Harvey balls are great, but they are not always that easy to align and format. There is another very pleasing alternative.

Consider instead using an imported symbol (click Insert, Symbol, and select a font character to insert). The character used below is "25CF" because it is one of the largest circles in the library of symbols (font characters). By using a character, there are no manual alignments needed (as with the Harvey balls/moons) and the cell doesn't need to be shaded. The circles are much more elegant, even preferred in most cases over checkmarks.

As you can see below, this technique can be used a couple of different ways.

So, the next time you need to develop a slide that shows an inventory, consider this method.