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Timesheet/Time-to-Decimal Converter

Using the Timesheet/Time-to-Decimal Converter

These Excel and Numbers worksheets serve two purposes:

  1. Timesheet to log work activities, including charge codes, description of work performed, expenses
  2. A time-to-decimal conversion utility.

We've found that keeping track of time is essential but not always convenient. With the advent of online time reporting comes the issue of finding a way to record time when you're not logged in or you can't log in to post your time. Or if you're a freelancer, maintaining an accurate record of time spent on projects is critical for billing (hourly) or cost management (contract price).

We've also found that some clients require online or timesheet submissions in decimal format, so hours and minutes need to be converted. It's also much easier to figure billing amounts with a decimal representation of the hours worked.

Excel 2003 version

The red callouts explain how each column works: which are manual inputs and which are automatically calculated. Notice that the key commands to enter in date and time are simple combination key strokes. Be sure to insert a space between the date and time.

Numbers version

The Timesheet works with the iWork 09 version of Numbers. The functionality of this version is the same as the Excel version (shown above). The main difference is the shortcut for entering date and time in the Start and Stop fields: in the Insert menu, click in the find and select "Date and Time." This will enter the current date and 12:00 AM. Unfortunately this is the way Numbers handles this function, so you will have to manually change the time to the current time. Not as convenient as Excel, but doable.

PowerFrameworks logo and website

You're welcome to replace the PowerFrameworks logo and website information with your own information. They are located in the header and can easily be switched out with your company's logo and website information or you can simply add your name and any other information you wish.

Once you make any adjustments we would suggest saving the file as a template so that you can easily open and save a copy whenever you need a new timesheet without altering the original file.

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