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Power Chart


This Power Chart is a nice visual illustration of concepts using a bounce theme: repel, resistant, barrier, safe, momentum/loss of momentum, etc. It uses series FR053 in a unique way: the graphics are not actually used in the slides, but they are used as a path for drawing the animated motion path of the bouncing object. The FR053 bounce graphics illustrate bouncing away from, to, and traveling from left to right (or right to left if you flip the graphic) and you can select any path in the series as your animated motion path guide. The FR053 tutorial has complete instructions to help you create your animated bounce path. There are a few steps, but it is very simple if you take your time and follow the steps. The exercise will help elevate your level of expertise with PowerPoint as well. This bounce path shows a bounce path with two lines added to show a ricochet – very easy to add these simple lines.

Take a few minutes to check out the tutorial and download the animated example to see the motion path and the animation sequencing. It's pretty straight forward and worth a peek. Enjoy using this unique visual effect.