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Concepts 134

Ransom Note Alphabet

Here's a fun and unique way to deliver a message. These cut-out letters have been sized and tilted so that they don't appear to uniform. There is only one download, containing all of the letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation. This will make it easy for you to select and place the letters you wish to use. Remember to select different cut-out letters for the letters in your ransom note. You want it to appear as if these are cut-out letters, so there wouldn't be exact duplicates of any letter.

The Torn Page series, cn004, can provide the piece of paper on which to "write" your ransom note. Or you can use a sticky note like in the series example. Notice that there is a small shadow under the sticky note so that it is clear that it stuck onto the door.

Don't use this too often, or it will appear gimmicky, but careful use of this concept will be engaging and help to convey a very specific type of message.

Customizing the vertically sliced circles

Adjust size

If you need to resize, do it after you compose your message: assemble the letters, group them, and resize the group to fit on the slide.

Color variations

You don't need to color these letters. In fact, if you tint them or recolor them (in PowerPoint 2007 or 2010), they won't look realistic. If you want to create a watermark-type background graphic, you can tint them light gray and place your primary message over

3D variations

No 3D is needed or possible here.


Be careful about adding shadows. These letters are supposed to be glued to the paper, so there shouldn't appear to be a lot of "lift" off of the page. If you want to use a very small shadow to indicate that the corners are lifting up.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Not applicable here.


Don't animate the contents of a ransom note. Animation like this will actually work against the concept. Ransom notes are a very low-tech, anonymous communication. Don't bring the letters in one at a time, for example. If you want to animate, bring the whole note in on a "sheet of paper." No animation example has been provided for this series.

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