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Concepts Using Photo Effects

PowerPoint 2010 has a nice new feature that allows you to use photograph formatting to convey highly visual support to concepts like bringing objects into focus, rough-draft concepts to reality, ideas into being, obscurity to clarity, etc. Take a look at the video to see two of these concepts in action.

They are incredibly simple to create.

  1. Once you have selected the photograph or image you wish to use, duplicate it and put it off to the side.
  2. Then click on the original to make it active. This will bring up the Picture Tools menu.
  3. Select "Format" and click on "Artistic Effects." You will see a set of 23 options. Just mousing over the options will show you what your photograph/image will look like with that option applied. Click on the one you like and your photograph will receive the artistic effects.
  4. Then set the layering and the animation reveals. If you go from clear to unclear, then put the original photograph under the artistic version and animate the the artistic version to fade in. If you wish to go from unclear to clear, put the artistic version under the original photograph and animate the original photograph to fade in. Make sure that both versions remain the same size and are directly on top of each other.