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Concepts 136


This series contains eight unique frameworks. Use them to present feedback sources or comments in a more visual manner. They can also be used to show review or approval cycles, check points, etc. Add photographs (as in the series example), icons, or text to identify the feedback sources. The center area is large so that a significant amount of text can be added.

Customizing the feedbacks

Adjust size

Make sure you group the framework before resizing or rescaling. To rescale, hold the shift key down as you resize.

Color variations

Apply line and fill colors to the segments. If you decide to add a line color to the center circle, it may look like there's a barrier to the feedback, which you may not want. Make sure that the formatting you choose to use does not diminish your message.

You can use the same color for the center and the loop arrows or you can use different colors with a legend to add another layer of information to your chart.

PowerPoint 2007/2010 options

Drop shadows are nice, but they may disrupt the feedback flow from the center circle.

3D variations

If you decide to use 3D, make sure the layering is set so that the graphic appears correctly. Also, use a shallow depth for the 3D.


Only us shadows if you're using PowerPoint 2007 or 2010. Shadows in PowerPoint 2003 will make your graphic appear dated.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Gradients are nice, but can be tricky with the looped arrows. It will be difficult to get them to all have the same gradient pattern unless you format one with a gradient and copy, rotate, and place it over the remaining arrows as many times as needed. This will take some time, but the effect may be worth it.

it might be better to add pictures instead of importing them into the arrows (see the series example). It would be a nice touch to import a photograph into the center circle, however. Just be sure you choose a photograph that will still have meaning if you overlay descriptive or identifying text over the circle.


Simple reveals work best with this framework.

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