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Bullet Alternatives 020

Text Containers and Icons

This bullet alternative idea provides compartments for your text. They are especially effective when you need to add interest to a slide or if the text isn't distinct enough from the background of your template (see the white fill color in the series example).

The icons were developed to provide a choice of simple designs to add interest to your slides (arrows, swirls, circular flows, etc.) or as visual representations of your content (quotes as in the series examples, questions, etc.). If you're simply using the icons as a design element, then select one of the variations that best blends with the overall look and feel of your company's template. If you're using the icons as visual prompts, then simply select the version that best supports your message.

There are 13 icons, each laid out in 2 through 8 rows. The rows can be edited in any manner you wish as well. Each download contains all of the row layouts, so it will be easy and fast for you to input your text and finalize the colors without needing to worry about adjusting the layouts.

Customizing the text containers and icons

Adjust size

Rescale the icons so they don't skew (hold the shift key down as you resize). The text container rows can be adjusted to any size you need.

Color variations

The bullets in this series can be edited to match the color scheme of your presentation. They are completely editable in PowerPoint 2007. A PowerPoint 2003 version is not available because the formatting used to create these icons is not available/editable in that version. Once you recolor the icons to match your template's color palette, you can use them over and over again in future presentations.

The icons are grouped. you can edit colors without ungrouping.

PowerPoint 2007 options

The icons and the text container rows are already formatted. But you can adjust them as you choose: remove the shadow, remove the bevel, etc.

3D variations

You can add 3D to the round or chevron part of the icon, but use a very shallow depth.


Shadows have already been formatted in the icons and in the text container row.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

No additional formatting is needed.


Animate as simple reveals. Group the icon, your text and the text container rows and then animate them to reveal on clicks.

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