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Arrow Variations 034

Reducing Arrows

There are four versions of these arrow variations:
  1. One unattached arrowhead at the right – this allows you to change the color or size of the arrowhead, which implies that a transformation has occurred; the arrowhead can be removed to show a simple reduced connection between two objects
  2. Unattached arrowheads at the right for each segment – keep all or some remove the arrowheads; change color of arrowheads to add an additional layer of information to the slide
  3. One attached arrowhead at the right – these variations are one field; format with gradients to imply intensities or concentrations
  4. Attached arrowheads at the right for each segment – each segment can receive its own color to add an additional layer of information to the slide; format gradients to imply intensities or concentrations.

Choose the version that best helps you deliver your message. Each variation contains from 1 to 10 arrows. Combine these arrow flows with other PowerFrameworks graphics, like what is shown on the series example. The transparent funnel represents a transformative event.

Customizing the reducing arrows

Adjust size

Group the arrows and resize as a group. Hold the shift key down if you want to rescale the group. Then ungroup and proceed with additional formatting. The arrows can be stretched or reduced without losing any visual integrity. See the graphic below with the imported photograph. This was shrunk horizontally before the photograph was imported.

Color variations

The arrows can receive any line a fill colors you choose. Choose from your template's palette of colors or choose complementary colors as desired.

PowerPoint 2007 options

The drop shadows look particularly nice, Refrain from using the bevels since the arrows are very small and bevels do not always work well on small objects, especially when there are hard angles. Glows work with the sets of arrows that have fewer arrows. They tend to make the arrows indistinct when there are lots of arrows.

3D variations

Not recommended. The 3D closes the distance between the arrows, making them indistinct.


Use drop shadows only if you are using PowerPoint 2007 and 2010. The PowerPoint 2003 drop shadows make slides look dated.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Gradients work really well. The gradient does two things: it gives the illusion of movement and contour. Imported pictures could be used since the distance between the arrows is small. This technique is discussed in the tutorial for Design Elements 029 series.


Some of the arrow variations are one field and some are several fields. Those with several fields can be animated separately if you wish.

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