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This series of heartbeats can be used in a lot of interesting ways. You can use healthy heartbeats as a visual analogy for a healthy business (as in the series example) or an irregular heartbeat to so the opposite. You can combine any of these heartbeats or extend them.

The heartbeats can be animated as an interesting element on a slide (download the animated example to see one example of this type of use). The animation section of the tutorial will give you important tips on animation, so review this before you begin.

Customizing the vertically sliced circles

Adjust size

All of the heartbeat lines are just that – lines. they can be adjusted in any way that you would resize or rescale a line. You can also edit the points in the lines. These line segments can also be duplicated and used together to show a longer heartbeat. For example, an unhealthy heartbeat line can be added to the end of a set of healthy heartbeats to show an episode of distress. The series example consists of several health heartbeats that have been grouped and animated.

Color variations

The heartbeats are lines, so you can change the color, thickness, and move the points if you wish.

PowerPoint 2007 options

There is no value added with these formatting options.

3D variations

No value added.


No value added.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

No value added.


Lots of value added here. As mentioned above, several heartbeat lines can be strung together to create a custom heartbeat line. You'll need to group them before you apply animation. Adjust the speed to slow for healthy heartbeats and a faster speed for irregular heartbeats or to show distress. The speed of the animation can actually help convey the concept.

Download the animated example for a possible animation option. Take a look at the animation scheme. You'll see that the heartbeat line group is animated to wipe to the right at a slow speed. You'll also notice that another heartbeat line is animated to appear after the first heartbeat line finishes wiping. This is because the first heartbeat line disappears after it finishes wiping left. We wanted the line to still be visible, so we just added another line that would appear when the first line disappeared. Keep this in mind.

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