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Power Chart


This Power Chart encourages the use of graphics instead of text to tell a story of transformation. The "101010" above the funnel was created by typing lines of numbers, saving the lines of numbers as a picture, and then importing the picture into a graphic shape. The outflow is simply a photograph placed under the funnel, but you may want to consider using a photograph imported into an outflow-shaped graphic – perhaps a group of people making decisions, etc.

January 2012 Power Chart

Instead of the "10101010" numbers, the words "data data data" could have been used just as effectively. Or if your transforming time into money, consider using a collage of clocks above the funnel and lots of dollar signs imported into an outflow shape below the funnel. So you see how this works.

When choosing your photographs, take into account the shapes of the inflow and outflow. Since quite a bit of the photograph will be eliminated when it is imported into the inflow/outflow shape, two types of photographs work best: 1) collages and 2) small subjects with lots of space around them.

Remember that the autoshapes in PowerPoint cannot be rotated before importing a photograph. The photograph will come in based on the original orientation. Therefore, for example, the inflow graphic needs to be drawn.

See this FAQ to learn how to import photographs into shapes. How do I create photographs in different shapes from rectangular photographs?