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Best Practice

Fonts as a design element

There is now a full industry supporting PowerPoint template design. The presentation templates that are being developed now are sometimes truly works of art. Colors, layouts, design elements that reflect the company's image and set perfect tones, strict rules of style, and font selection all work together to create the overall template design. A good designer will take into account the template's use and select colors that will best work within the constraints of the usage parameters, e.g., presentations that will be projected, printed out, used in webinars, etc.

One consideration that is not taken into account often enough is the availability of highly stylized, nonstandard fonts. Not all fonts are licensed to be embedded, embedded fonts increase the size of the presentation, and TrueType fonts present some issues. Highly stylized presentation templates often have beautiful, nonstandard fonts that contribute to the overall style in a meaningful way; but they don't travel well unless they are embedded. If a company uses their highly stylized templates without embedding the fonts for presentations to large gatherings (seminars and conferences) where all presentations are managed by an IT team instead of the presentation owner, sends their documents to clients without PDFing them, or makes them available to others outside their company in any other way; the presentations had better have a standard font. More than likely others do not have the stylized font on their computer, so their computer will make font substitutions – text skewing is the result: text wraps differently, sizing is almost always off from one font to the other, text bumps into other elements on the slide, etc.

So when choosing a nonstandard font for your PowerPoint template, be sure it is available to embed and weigh the issues of having presentations with larger file sizes. This link will take you to a Microsoft article that walks you through the steps of embedding fonts. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/826832