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Bullet Alternatives 023

Text Flags

These bullet alternative flags are a stylish way to present text. But they can also be used as a a design element in other parts of your presentations, e.g., column headings, containers for text blurbs, background for photos or other images. There are six lengths in the download and a set that has been formatted with a gradient (see the thumbnail). There's also a small graphic that can be used for number or alphabetical lists.

Customizing the text flags

Adjust size

Each flag is made up of two fields, which can be grouped and sized/rescaled to hold more text, etc. Be sure to resize the variation in the download that most matches the length that you need. Resizing will change the shape of the diagonal slope. For better results, rescale these text flags (hold shift key down as you resize). and then make small adjustments to their lengths.

Color variations

Choose colors from you template's color palette. Make sure that you use colors that have a good amount of contrast so that the design of the text flags is apparent. For the gradients, just change the colors in the Format Shape menu (right click on the individual fields (first one and then the other) of the text flags and select "Format Shape," select "Gradient fill," and then apply colors for each of the gradient stops.

PowerPoint 2007 options

Do not use any of these options.

3D variations

You don't need 3D.


Don't use shadows if are using the flags that have been formatted with gradients. You don't really need shadows with them either way.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

The gradients have already been added to one set of the text flags in the download. Just change the colors of the gradient so they match your company's color palette.


Animate as wipes from left to right.

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