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Bullet Alternatives 033

Text Block/Stylized Arrow

These text blocks are a nice way to call attention to the high-level phrases in a text hierarchy. As shown in the series example, they can easily be used as tracker pages within the presentation as well. There are two versions of these text blocks and each has two variations. One for use with light backgrounds and one for use with dark backgrounds. The variations (like the series thumbnail) are to illustrate that this design can be sued throughout the presentation as a design element as well.

Customizing the text blocks/stylized arrows

Adjust size

There is a bit of a trick here for making them consistently sized, which is especially important if you them throughout your presentation. You can always rescale, which will keep the appearance consistent; or you can resize using the two steps below:

  1. Select and group the text blocks/stylized arrow; resize vertically
  2. Ungroup and select only the text block; resize horizontally to the right.

Color variations

The downloads contain both light and dark versions of these bullet alternatives. Use the hues as a guide for applying your own colors from your template's color palette. There are three hues of the same color. Use three hues of one of your template's colors for best effect.

If you use these bullet alternatives as an agenda page and trackers, fade back the text blocks/stylized arrows and their text to shades of gray or other muted color.

PowerPoint 2007 options

No need to use special formatting effects with this framework.

3D variations

Don't use 3D.


No need to use shadows.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

There's no need for special treatments to the these bullet alternatives, but you can apply a very subtle gradient to the text block if you wish.


Animate with fades or wipes.

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