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Relationships 048

Explosion variations

These frameworks are very useful when designing a slide that has several points springing (exploding) from a central object. The series RE018 is similar to this series, but this series can be used more broadly. There are four burst variations for each of the 11 sets (from 2 to 12 bursts from the center):

  1. Thin bursts, each a separate field (the orange and blue downloads)
  2. Thin bursts, all one field (the green downloads)
  3. Thick bursts, each a separate field (the orange and blue downloads)
  4. Thick bursts, all one field (the green downloads).

Choose the download you that best suit your purpose.

Other ways of connecting a center object with objects surrounding it in a circle are lines (series TO029) and star bursts (series EM001). Each of these connections convey a slightly different message. Be sure you choose your connections carefully so you convey the precise message.

Customizing the explosion variations

Adjust size

Group and resize or rescale (hold shift key down as you resize) these explosion variations.

Color variations

The bursts that are individual field can receive different colors and formatting. The bursts that are one field can be formatted with a gradient (from the center) with semitransparent colors, and the downloads are formatted in this manner. You just need to go in and change the colors to match your template – as close to plug and play as you can get.

To change the color of the gradient to match your company's template: right click on the explosion variation and select "Format Shape," select "Gradient fill," and then apply colors for each of the gradient stops.

PowerPoint 2007 options

No need to add extra formatting.

3D variations

Don't use 3D.


Don't use shadows, especially with the gradient version.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

The gradient instructions are above in the "Color" section.


A faded zoom works really well with these frameworks.

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