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Power Chart

Flow Down

This Power Chart uses a common theme to illustrate a new idea. The pillars on both sides of the flow area represent two contributors to the process: alternating periods of "learn" and "apply." So simple to understand using this illustration. Download the animated example to see how it has been animated and how it animates through the steps with just one click.

Notice that the ball rolls as it moves, making it appear more realistic. It's important then to be sure that you use a ball that has some design on it. If you don't, the "spin" animation will not be visible. We just drew a circle, connected lines to the handles on the perimeter of the circle, saved it as a picture, and placed it on the top left pillar. Then each drop segment is animated with a motion path and spin animation. They animate simultaneously. Notice that the spin on the ball needs to be clockwise when it is rolling right and counterclockwise when it is rolling left. Review the animation scheme in the download to understand the animation sequence for each segment of the downward flow. Enjoy using this one.