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Arrow Variations 020

Converge/Diverge Variation

There are two basic concepts illustrated with these frameworks.

  1. V1 and V3 arrows illustrate closely to loosely aligned efforts and vice versa: arrows are parallel and heading in the same direction.
  2. V2 and V4 arrows illustrate different paths: arrows come from/move in different directions.

V1 and V2 span a greater horizontal area; the arrow bodies can contain the text (see series example). V3 and V4 are short versions that can be used with an objects on both the right and left sides of the arrows.

The downloads contain 9 arrows each. Simply delete those you don't wish to use if you don't need that many. Below you will find information about selecting arrows to delete when you only need a few.

Customizing converging and diverging arrows.

Adjust size

Select all arrows and group. Then you can proceed with resizing/rescaling (hold shift key down as you resize).

Eliminating arrows you don't need

There are lots of options. Take a look at the examples below for ideas about how to reduce the number of arrows in the download to suit your message.

Color variations

Each arrow can receive its own color. Select a colors from your template's color palette

PowerPoint 2007 options

Drop shadows are nice to use with these arrows.

3D variations

If you choose to use 3D, make sure it is a very shallow depth. You really should not use 3D because the space between the arrows is so small. The 3D will make each arrow less distinct.


Shadows in PowerPoint 2007 or 2010 only (or later versions)

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Gradients are nice. The arrows are too small for pictures to be imported unless you group the arrows and then import the picture into the group. Be careful which pictures you use if you decide you want to do this. Make sure that the subject of the picture is still distinct after it has been imported into the group.


You can use wipes to reveal these arrows if you wish.

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