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Relationships 081

Venn Variations

These frameworks add a dimension to venns that you will find useful. Unlike most venns, there is a central object around which all other overlapping circles appear. This conveys the idea that the outer circles are connected by the overlap but are also a part of a central entity. There are two versions of the different variations of venns:

  1. Circles surrounding a central object
  2. Circles that have been cut by the central object, providing an opportunity to color the overlapping sections separately.
Each download contains both of these versions.

Customizing the Venn Variations

Adjust size

Group the graphic and then rescale (hold the shift key down as you resize).

Color variations

The venns in the downloads have been colored and a 50% transparency has been added. You can simply apply the colors from your template's color palette and the transparency should remain intact. If you wish to change the percentage of transparency, you can certainly do so.

The surrounding circles that have been cut into two fields can each receive its own color. You can also remove the part of the circle that extends outside the central circle if you wish. In some cases, you may not even need it.

PowerPoint 2007 options

Don't use any extras.

3D variations




Gradients, patterns, and pictures



Simple reveals are fine.

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