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Power Chart

3D Rotation and Layering

Power Chart

This Power Chart is a nice way to show connections that are difficult to present. The layering of 3D rotated graphics allows the presenter to draw connections vertically. We've provided a download of this Power Chart so that you can see how it constructed and rotated. Please click the download link.

Both of the "business unit" graphics were developed and grouped individually and rotated to the same angles. You'll need to be aware of the layers when you draw the connections between the two business units to maintain the 3D illusion. Basically, the top business unit is layered to front, the lines are layered to occupy the middle layer(s). The bottom business unit is layered to the back.

Notice also that the elements in the business unit graphics are semitransparent. This is important so that the vertical connections can be tracked from one element to the other.

We hope you enjoy using this technique whenever the need arises to show a secondary set of connections between objects.