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Best Practice

Backgrounds for Templates

Have you noticed that images with white backgrounds look bad when used in template with colored backgrounds? The slides most always look "unfinished" without a holder or other device to finish them. When space is at a premium, however, it isn't always prudent to take up space with image holders. Also, setting white as a transparent color doesn't always work. In many cases, the crispness of the image is lost when white is set as transparent. Additionally, some of the important parts of the image may be white; and they will be set as transparent as well, making it necessary for you to draw a white backing for the graphic.

Some designers are starting to design a slide with a white background to be used in the template with a colored background for just these reasons. All of the design elements are the same for both the white background and colored background template slides. Just the background is different.

Consider this approach when designing your next template, or add this slide to your current template. It may be just what you've been needing without really realizing it.