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Horizontal Flows 051

Backing Segment

You can use these silhouette heads for some graphic interest on charts that present quotes; thumbnail characteristics of customers, candidates, etc.; or any other instance that indicates an individual. There are two versions:

  1. Download 1 contains 12 images with rounded-edge rectangle behind them. All elements can be colored individually.
  2. Download 2 contains the same 12 images, but they are fused with the rounded-edge rectangles, making them a single graphic. This means that you can apply a color or gradient to the whole graphic and resize/rescale without grouping.

Customizing the horizontal flows

Adjust size

Be sure to group before you resize/rescale the flows. Hold the shift key down as you resize to rescale the group. Then ungroup and proceed with other formatting.


In order for these to work properly, you need to be sure that the elements are layered correctly. They are set up correctly in the downloads, but if you need to rest the layering, this is how you do it:

  1. Front layer – the segment in the flow that is being highlighted
  2. Middle layer – the backing segment (largest segment)
  3. Back layer – the other segments in the flow that are not being highlighted.

Color variations

Choose colors from your company's template palette. The backing segment looks best if there is a lot of contrast between it and the rest of the flow segments.

PowerPoint 2007 options

Drop shadows look nice with these flow segments. Avoid using the other formatting presets.

3D variations

Avoid using 3D.


No PowerPoint 2003 shadows. These shadows tend to "date" the presentation as old.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Gradients might be nice, but make sure that the gradients still provide a lot of contrast between the regular segments and the backing segment.


Not necessary since the flow is progressing page to page.

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