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Best Practice

Remove space around a text field for best alignment

It's difficult to get a perfect alignment with a field of text and a graphic object or photograph if the text field has space around it. You should know how to get rid of this space. Here's how.

  1. Select the text field using the selection tool (not the text insertion tool or I-beam)
  2. Then right click on the text field and a menu will pop up
  3. Select "Format Shape" at the bottom of the menu
  4. This will bring up the "Format Shape" menu
  5. Click on"Text Box at the bottom of the left-hand list in the "Format Shape" menu
  6. This will bring up yet another menu
  7. In the "Autofit" section, click the button for "Resize shape to fit text"
  8. AND, in the "Internal margin" section, type in "0" left, right, top, and bottom boxes
  9. Click "Close"
  10. Then decide how you want to align your text: left, center, right, justified
Your text is now without space around it and it will align perfectly with the other objects on your slide.