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Power Chart

How about templateless presentations?

If you don't have a template and don't have time to create one, consider this approach.

Or, if you just like this approach and want to use it as your presentation style, go for it.

This type of presentation relies on a photograph as the background that support the text message and sets tone. Therefore, it is imperative to select the photograph(s) very carefully.

You might even want to select a theme of photographs, e.g., nature, children, buildings, groups of people, geographic location.

Images can get pretty expensive; but there are still some sites that offer reasonably priced, high-quality images. The fish and bird images were purchased from Fotolia, and they were the second to smallest image, which were 3 credits each. The child with the helmet was was purchased from iStock for 35 credits, and it was the smallest image that they offered.

This type of presentation design works well when there is a minimum of text. If you have to present large org charts or complicated conceptual graphics, it is better to have a very simple background. You can still use images, but make sure they allow the conceptual graphics to be easily discerned and understood.

Have fun with this. Searching for images is kind of fun if you have the time to browse without a deadline looming.