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Relationships 017

Not Quite Silos

The frameworks in this series are useful in a few different ways. Information silos are towers of information with no capacity or inclination for sharing. These frameworks show silos in transition – either becoming silos or moving away from being silos. They are not fully integrated in terms of sharing.

Notice the information being conveyed in the series example:

  1. The different shapes indicate where in the organization the largest concentrations of information are located
  2. The sections of the organization can be labeled to identify the different tiers, e.g., management, support, functional areas
  3. The semitransparent colors and border lines make it possible to effectively show where sharing (overlap) occurs: farther apart indicates less sharing and a lot of overlap indicates more sharing
  4. The different shapes can also indicate where the sharing happens instead of where the largest concentrations of information are located.

There is only one download, which contains all four shapes with all their divisions.

Customizing the Silos

Adjust size

Group them before you resize or rescale the silos.

Color variations

Choose colors from your company's template color palette and then make the silos semitransparent. That way the overlap (which signifies sharing of data/information) will be apparent.

PowerPoint 2007 options

Keep the silos simple. Too much formatting will obscure the overlap, which is the whole point of the chart.

3D variations

No 3D


No shadows.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Do not use these formatting options.


Reveals are good to use with these frameworks. You can also apply a motion path to move a silo into a position that allows it to overlap another silo.

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