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Scale Break 2

This is the second series for scale breaks. TO003 also provides a scale break that can be used on individual columns or bars. They are a little difficult to use effectively, however, when there is a patterned background on the slide. These scale breaks will work better in those instances. They are larger than the scale breaks in TO003 – they span the chart horizontally/vertically.

In the series example, the presenter wants to focus on the smaller columns, so the scale break is used to make them appear more distinctly and prominently on the slide.

The download contains 4 vertical sets and 4 horizontal sets of scale breaks. The vertical scale breaks are for bar charts and the horizontal scale breaks are for column charts.

Customizing the scale breaks

Adjust size

The first 3 of the 4 sets in the download are graphics that can be resized or rescaled as you choose. Since they are graphics, rescaling will ensure that the vertical and horizontal widths of the graphics stay the same width. If you need to change the dimensions of the scale break to a lot, consider using the fourth set, which is a line. Then just apply the width that you want to make the scale break line wider.

Color variations

The first 3 of the 4 sets in the download are graphics that can receive fill and line colors; whereas 1 of the 4 sets is a line that can receive color and weight formatting

3D variations

No 3D on these scale breaks please.


No shadows on the scale breaks please

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

No patterns or pictures will work well, but you can insert a gradient if you want. Not really necessary though.


Don't make the scale breaks appear with animation unless you're making the whole chart appear with the scale break.

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