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Best Practice

Design or Simple Message Delivery? Both!

As presenters, we are all trying enhance the visual/design quality of slides while strengthening the messages. That means minimizing the use of bulleted lists. It's actually easier than you might think. Here are some steps for you to follow to restyle bulleted lists into an engaging message layout.

  1. Once you develop the message for your slide, search the message for key words. What is it that you're asking the audience to do or understand? Look at the image of a slide below. The message is to monitor and measure, so that's the main message.
  2. Identify objects that monitor and measure. In this case we thought of a ruler.
  3. Then either draw, purchase, or download PowerFrameworks TO014 series graphic to help you illustrate the ruler concept.
  4. Last, arrange the text headers and subordinate text around the ruler design.

The rulers in the T)014 series can be ungrouped and modified to work with this concept. We removed the bottom measurement ticks and increased the height of the ruler. We also grouped the tick marks reduced their height. Download the example that we have provided for your use.

The extra time spent on adding these embellishments always pays off – in many ways.