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Concepts 043

Compass Variations

These compass variations will enable you to develop a highly formatted compass to enhance the designs and/or the messages on your slides. These compass graphics can receive all types of formatting. There are two that have a spinnable pointer as well, which can be animated.

Customizing the compass variations

Adjust size

Group the compass and resize/rescale all together. You may want to tilt the compass (as shown in the series example) as well. To tilt the compass, click on the green handle dot at the top of the compass group and move left or right.

Color variations

All segments of the compass can receive line and fill colors. Choose colors from your template's palette for a highly customized look for your compass, or choose generic colors for the compass.

PowerPoint 2007 options

Use the drop shadow to "lift" the compass off of the slide. Also, consider formatting the circles in the compass graphics with bevels; but be sure to use a very shallow depth for the bevel.

3D variations

We don't recommend 3D with these drawings.


Yes on shadows, but only using PowerPoint 2007 and later versions of PowerPoint.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Gradients might be okay, but stay away from patterns and pictures. Overformatting can obscure the meaning of the compasses.


You can spin the needle to a specific position in the two graphics that have needles (you can also copy and position those needles onto the other compasses). You can also apply spin animation to the two compass variations that have needles. See the FAQ entitled, "How can I best animate the pendulum, gauges, and other frameworks so that the pendulums/needles swing?" for the steps.

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