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Relationships 049

Rings of Circles

This series provides a way to show layers without stacking rectangles on top of each other. These layers can be used to show hierarchy: think of them as looking down on a spherical rectangle. They can be used as a conceptual illustration or a literal illustration of a specific number of circles in each ring. To make this easy for you, we've put all of the variations in one download. You can mix and match the number of circles in the rings from several slides to make your framework tell an exact story. To do this, simply find the correct number of circles in a ring on one slide and group and copy them to the slide you wish to use. Then remove the circles in the large "target"-like circle in the graphic you wish to modify. Middle and center align the ring within the target circle. That's it.

Customizing the rings of circles

Adjust size

Group the rings of circles and then resize/rescale as appropriate. Then ungroup and continue with additional formatting.

Color variations

Choose colors from your template's color palette. Color can be used to make the rings distinct, as shown in the series example. Colors can also be used to highlight and/or add another level of information by adding a legend or labels.

3D variations

Replace Text


Drop shadows are nice with this series.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

These would be okay to use as long as they don't obscure the clarity of the graphic. Don't overformat these rings of circles.


Simple reveals are best to use with these frameworks.

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