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Concepts 090


These frameworks will allow you to illustrate a meeting with a topic (in the center of the table). There are many variations, with the possibility of many more variations. In addition to the meeting tables and numbers of participants that we provide, you can also draw your own tables and place as many participants as you want around the table. You might also want to consider using these concepts to show negotiations, with some participants in one color and the others in another color. Consider, too, using the frameworks as a means of illustrating opposing forces: one side of the table can be heavily chaired by participants and the opposite side of the table with one or few participants (overwhelming opposition, etc.).

There are two downloads: one with square tables and one with round tables.

Customizing the meetings frameworks

Adjust size

The tables are objects with a white fill and an 8-point blue/turquoise line with participants distributed around the tables. Rescale if you just want to enlarge/reduce the whole graphic. Or you can resize just the table and then add/delete participants as needed. Note: if you add/remove participants and want to change the direction that the participants/added participants are facing, click on one participant group (head and arms group of one participant) and use the green "spin" handle for the group to spin it until the participant is facing in the correct direction.

Color variations

You can apply line and fill colors to the objects if you wish. Bear in mind that the inside of the table is meant to contain an image or text that is descriptive of what the meeting is addressing. The inside of the tables in the downloads is white. See below for importing photographs.

PowerPoint 2007, 2010, 2013 options

Just keep this series simple. Do not overformat.

3D variations

Not necessary


Not a good idea

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Importing images or placing images under the table are good option to add more meaning to the graphic.


Consider animating a series of images to illustrate the full topic range of the meeting. Animate these images to appear sequentially.

  1. Duplicate the table as many times as you need. Then import one image into one table
  2. Apply animated reveals. Use fade or appear. Don't use any animation that will make the table appear as if it is more than one table (no fly ins, etc.)
  3. Layer the tables/images so that the first one image you want your audience to see is on the bottom layer and the last one on the top layer
  4. Align the tables so that they are perfectly center and middle aligned (on top of each other).
  5. Select all the tables at once and place under the participants. The participants should be the top layer

Click on a name for more information.
Click on a thumbnail to view a larger image