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Tutorial for

Design Elements 013


These ray designs can be used to complement the following concepts:

  • Radiate out from a center object
  • Shed light on something
  • Light dawning on an issue
  • Horizons of land and water.

Each download has three variations except for the circular straight rays and wave rays. The three variations include:

  • Just the rays with no background
  • Rays with a solid background
  • Two sets of rays in two hues of the same color.

Choose the variation you'd like to use and delete the other two.

Customizing the rays

Adjust size

Group the whole set of rays and resize/rescale. Hold the shift key down as you resize if you wish to rescale.

Color variations

The rays can also be colored to any color you wish. The rays are grouped to make it easier to make the color changes. No line colors have been applied to the rays, but they can also accept line colors.

3D variations

Don't use 3D


Don't use shadows

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

You can use gradients if you wish, but don't use pictures. If you want to format the rays so that the fade away on the outside, apply a radial gradient with a transparent outside color.


Simple reveals are best.

Click on a name for more information.
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