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Relationships 051

Adjacency Matrix

These matrices are typically used for preparing to develop a building layout (see series example). But it might also be useful to establish a basis for a seating plan for a large function, etc. Really, it might be used in any situation where adjacencies or associations are important.

There are two downloads:

  • Variations of matrices up to 12 rows
  • Variations of matrices between 13 and 36 rows.

Some of the matrices also have extra columns to the left of the adjacency matrices in case it's important to include extra information. The matrices are drawn as fields instead of a table. This allows you to add the large circle as a text object within the diamond shapes. Add a legend and you can add other layers of information to the slide. You can also select other shapes (maybe a square of triangle) from the symbol menu to add even more layers of information.

Customizing the adjacency matrices

Adjust size

Group everything and then resize the whole matrix. You may need to change the font size so the text fits within the new framework size. The matrices are set up as individual fields instead of a table. We did this so that symbols could be inserted into the right-hand diamonds to indicate an adjacency. You'll need to keep your text within the fields so row alignments are maintained.

Important, if the fields in the framework get out of alignment, turn the Snap objects to other objects on in the Grids and Guides menu and place the fields back into place.

Color variations

Format colors from your template's color palette to make sure that it blends in with the rest of the content in your presentation. Since the matrices are not tables, you will need to select the fields you wish to format with line and fill colors. Ungroup the framework (if it's grouped) and corral the fields you wish to format so you only have to apply the formatting once (instead of for each individual field).

3D variations

Don't use 3D with these frameworks.


If you want to apply shadows, group the whole framework first and then apply shadow to the group.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Probably not necessary with these frameworks.


You can apply simple reveals if you wish.

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