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Power Chart

Run the Gauntlet

The PowerFrameworks Power Chart is an interesting concept to illustrate indecision, confusion, barriers, fear, a daunting task, etc. Although the chart can work without animation, it is much more interesting with animation. Take a look at the video and download the animation example, which can be customized and edited to suit your purposes.

Make sure you review the way the balls on chains are developed and formatted and take a look at the animation scheme for each of the swinging balls. Here's what you'll see.

  • The balls are developed so that there is a ball at the top of the group and a ball at the bottom of the group, connected by dots, that represent a chain. This is necessary since we are going to apply the Spin animation to these groups. Spin animations spin from the center of the group.
  • The Spin animation is defined (not the 360° default). The spin degree for each of the ball groups is an approximate figure to represent an equal swing height on the right and the left.
  • The spin has a smooth start and stop, which makes the spin appear more realistic. Each ball group is formatted differently so that the balls appear to be randomly swinging and blocking the pathway through the gauntlet.
  • The ball groups are formatted to reverse and repeat until the next click, which takes you to the next slide.
  • The spin speeds are also different for each ball group so that the swings appear random.

If you keep these formatting and animation tips in mind, you can create your own gauntlet: maybe swinging ax blades or other dangerous items. You can also add text to the balls (not added in the Power Chart) so each swinging ball can represent a specific danger.

We hope you can put this concept to use soon.