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Arrow Variations 027, 038

No Progress

These arrows can be used to show that no progress even though efforts to taken toward a goal. They can also be used as a simple horizontal flow with a design aspect. However you use them, they are unique and eye-catching. AV027 series shows the arrow going up, indicating that efforts were made to increase. AV038 series shows the arrow going down, indicating efforts were made to decrease. Be sure to use the correct version to convey your message precisely.

Customizing the jagged arrows

Adjust size

Select all and group. Then resize or rescale.

Color variations

Use a line around these graphic elements so that they are distinct and appear separate. It would also be good to use a different color for the arrow than that of the areas below. Use colors from you template's color palette.

3D variations

The arrow might look good with a bevel, but make the depth of the bevel short (maybe 2, 3, or 4 points).


Since the arrow is one element, you don't have to worry about the space between the arrow sections closing up by applying drop shadows. So feel free t use shadows if you're using them consistently throughout your presentation.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

All of these formatting might be used with these arrows. Choose a horizontally oriented photograph to import into the jagged arrow. You can also import photographs and overlay text in the sections below the arrow.


Since the arrow is one object, you won't be able to introduce each section of the arrow incrementally. You can bring in the sections below the arrow one at a time. Use simple animation schemes.

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