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Best Practice

Finding and Using Logos in Presentations

First, is it okay to use logos in your presentation? This article, entitled "Fair Use of Logos," contains a good explanation of how logos should be used.

So let's assume you're going to use the logos in an acceptable way, here's how to get the best-quality logo possible from the web. By the way, I like to use Firefox when searching for logos, so the instructions below for searches using Firefox.

  1. Search for the "[company name] logo"
  2. View the results as images
  3. Click on the logo that seems best to use: some companies have both vertically and horizontally oriented logos, so you can decide which logo type best fits in the space you have to fill
  4. Determine what type of logo it is; the best type to use is a .png, which has a clear background instead of a white background (the way you can tell if it has a transparent background is that you'll see diagonal blue lines behind the logo). A logo with a transparent background looks good no matter what the background color/design is in you template
  5. Another thing to check for is the quality of the logo: look for crisp edges that are not bitmapped or fuzzy
  6. Once you have clicked on the logos that are available, choose the one you wish to use by clicking on the logo (you're still in image search results, not on the webpage for the logo)
  7. Then right-click on it and click on Copy Image to save it to your clipboard
  8. Go to your document slide and paste it by right-clicking on the slide. If you've been able to find a .png logo, you'll want to paste it in by selecting "Keep Source Formatting" or just paste if you have a .jpg, etc.
  9. Resize and position the logo on the slide. You may also want to strip out some of the image size by compressing the logo image.

Remember this process and don't harvest logos from webpages any longer. The quality of the logos you use will be much greater.