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Greetings in Many Languages

This greeting layout is for your use as a screen holder as a group assembles for a presentation or as a lead-in slide to a multinational audience. You could also use it in a local setting to emphasize that your company and its products have a global reach. The key to the languages is in the tutorial. Each greeting is separate, so you can add or remove greetings as needed.

The download for this series is .pptx. There is no .ppt version of this series.

Customizing the greetings

Adjust size

The text is WordArt, so you can group and resize/rescale as you wish without needing to worry about manually changing the font sizes. Since it is WordArt, you can also stretch the whole group up or to the side to make it fit in a desired space. The words will stretch, but keep its layout in tact.

Color variations

The colors of the greetings are set up so that they take on the color scheme of the presentation without your having to make adjustments. See the tutorial for further uses and formatting.

3D variations

Don't use 3D.


It depends on how you're using it. Generally, don't use shadows because the shadows will obscure the letters. It's a dense graphic that you want to be as readable as possible.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

No, don't use them.


You can ungroup the greetings and animate them to come in one after another if you wish. But use simple reveals: fade, appear, rise up, etc.

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