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Horizontal Flows 049

Semitransparent 3D

These 3D-looking flows are an interesting variation to consider if you have two aspects for each flow segment. They are not actually 3D, but are drawn to appear so. There are 8 variations from which to choose. The downloads are formatted as a single semitransparent color; but as you can see by the series example, each segment can receive its own color if you wish.

Customizing the Semitransparent 3D Flows

Adjust size

Select the whole flow and group it. Then proceed to resize/rescale the graphic. Ungroup and apply other formatting as desired.

Color variations

The downloads are set with a color at 50% transparency. You can recolor each segment (which has 3 pieces: top, bottom, and side end on the right; the first segment on the left has two end pieces). Make sure you select all 3 pieces (or 4 pieces for the fist segment on left) and apply color to all at one time. The semitransparency will remain after you apply the new color.

3D variations

These are already drawn to look 3D, so do not add any 3D formatting.


You can use drop shadows the fall below or behind the flows. Don't use the drop shadows that just make the flow look like it was lifted off the slide. Group the flow and add the shadow the whole flow. If you're going to use animation, omit the shadows.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Us these only if you want to abandon the semitransparent color. Then make sure that the text you overlay is distinct and readable.


Animate as simple reveals.

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