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Tutorial for Forces 062 and 063 – Segments In/Out

These circle segments are a flow into and out of the inner circle, not a typical circular flow. They are sometimes even good to use instead of a bullet alternative if there isn't a lot of text. These series can be used together: some segments flow in and some flow out. Examples of the concepts that this series can illustrate are influence, distribution, transfer, pressure, delegation, energize, etc.

Adding arc text is easy.  Check out this FAQ to learn how to create perfect arcs in WordArt for this series.  To apply the type of WordArt you want, click on Format tab, Text Effects, click on Transform, and select either the Arch Up or Arch Down under Follow Path.

Combining these two series can enable you to have both segments flowing into center circle and outflows from center circle.  Start with series FR063:  choose the number of segments you need for your finished framework (let's say 8).  Decide which of the segments in FR0063 need to be replaced with inward-flow segments from FR062.  Open the 8-segment framework in FR062 and copy the needed segments into the framework to finish it.  Remember, segments from FR062 should always be on the top layer of a combined framework.

Customizing the frameworks

Adjust size

Group first and then resize or rescale (hold shift key down as you resize).  Rescaling is probably best. 

Color variations

Use colors from you template's color palette. 

3D variations

Don't use 3D on these


Shadows can be effective.  If you're combining pieces from both FR062 and 063, it's probably better to group the whole framework and then apply the drop shadow.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Pictures can be especially effective in the center circle.  Be careful with gradients in circular frameworks.  It's difficult to get them just right.  Probably not worth the time unless you have a great deal to spare. 


Simple reveals are best with this type of framework.

Series that relate to this tutorial:

FR062 – Force 062 – Segments In

Possible use example

FR063 – Force 063 – Segments Out

Possible use example

Links to instructions for getting the framework into your presentation

  1. Determine the best file type for your needs
  2. Download the file
  3. Import the framework into your presentation
    1. Importing a PPT file
    2. Importing a EMF or PNG
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