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Arrow Variations 030

Designer Braces

These braces are wonderfully unique – a nice departure from the version in PowerPoint. One of the versions in this series (the widest), can even handle a little bit of text (see series example). You can add all types of formatting to these brackets and resize/rescale them to fit your layout perfectly. Braces are used in place of arrows from time to time. They tend to imply that whatever is on the open side of the brace is consolidated into whatever is on the right side. Arrows tend to imply that what is on the left side flows into the right side. Keep that in mind as you choose your flow graphic.

Customizing the braces

Adjust size

Since they are only one field, they are easy to resize/rescale. You can make them higher or wider without disrupting their visual meaning.

Color variations

Apply colors to fill and/or line from your template's color palette.

3D variations

You can use 3D if you wish, but make sure that the depth is small (2 or 3 points)


Drop shadows are nice; they lift the brace off of the slide.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

You can use all types of formatting with the braces.


Simple reveals are best.

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