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Tools 028

Stick Pins/Call Outs

These stick pins/call outs can be used in many ways. When using as a call out, they can provide an extra layer of classification by using different shapes and colors. For example, the shape can be used as a marker and then matched with the call out with the same marker top.

Customizing the stick pins/call outs

Adjust size

The bottom point is separate from the shape above, so it can be stretched to reach a point on a map or ... You can also the edit points of the bottom shape and relocate the bottom point so that it points off to the side to an object. This is helpful if there are a lot of stick pins or call outs in the same general area.

The top shapes can be resized/rescaled to accommodate text and/or graphic. Both the top and bottom parts can be receive fill and line color and other types formatting, as well.

Color variations

The two pieces of these frameworks can receive any fill and/or line colors. They can be filled with the same color if you want them to appear as one object.

3D variations

It's okay if you want to add 3D to the top object, but probably not a good idea to add 3D to the bottom pointer object. Use a shallow depth, however.


Shadows are good to use with these frameworks. If you are using the frameworks as call outs, use a drop shadow. If you're using them as stick pins, then use a perspective diagonal lower left/right shadow for best results

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

If you're using them as a call out, then any type of formatting can be used. If you're using them as a stick pin, then you should probably refrain from using too much formatting.


Simple reveals are usually best with either stick pins or call outs.

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