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Concepts 061

Sliced Light Bulbs

These frameworks can be used to illustrate many concepts. The series example uses the light bulb to represent a brainstorming session and the segments provide for the departments that will participate. The segments can also represent aspects of an innovation, a hierarchy of desirable ideas, or the products of an overall idea or innovation.

The download also includes leader lines separating the sections. Simply place your text in between the leader lines for each segment.

Customizing the light bulbs

Adjust size

Group and rescale (resize holding the shift key down).

Color variations

Each segment can receive its own color. Use colors from your color palette or, as in the series example, hues of the same color for the segments.

3D variations

Don't use 3D.


Shadows can be used to good effect with these frameworks

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Don't use.


Don't animate the light bulbs. Animate the text instead. You don't want to disrupt the visual concept of the light bulb.

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