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Text Tables 014

Next Steps

These frameworks are a combination of graphic elements and tables. This is a nice layout to present next steps as well as other step processes that imply either a hierarchy to elevated results. There are two variations of the steps, each having tables below with side headings that provide space for descriptions. The descriptions can include dates, responsibilities, end results, etc.

Customizing the frameworks

Adjust size

Graphic elements and tables cannot be grouped, so these frameworks will need to be resized incrementally. First group the graphic elements (the stair steps) and resize. then adjust the size of the table to match the size of the resized graphic elements. You can simply enlarge or reduce the horizontal size of the table. Adjust the size of the text font in the table if needed/desired.

Color variations

Apply colors from your template's palette. You can also apply a design to the tables if you choose.

3D variations

Don't use 3D with these frameworks.


Don't use shadows.

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Subtle gradients can be used as long as the gradient variation from light to dark slight. It's important not to have too much of a variance so that the text will be distinctive against the background.


The graphic elements can be animated with reveals, but the tables cannot be animated in the same manner.

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