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Tutorial for Relationship 030 – Matrix Blowouts

This framework focuses on the blowout descriptions of each segment of the matrix instead of the matrix itself. The layout is appealing because it is difficult to add descriptions to a matrix outside the matrix; most descriptions reside within the matrix. This might be best used as a second page: a description page following a slide with the enlarged matrix (which might have other types of descriptions contained in the segments). There are two versions of the framework in the download: one with one color and the other with multiple colors for each segment.

Customizing the frameworks

Adjust size

Group the framework and then resize. Adjust font sizing as required.

Color variations

There are two versions of the same framework in the download for this series. The second slide in the download shows colors for each segment of the 4-segment matrix. Replace the existing colors with colors from your own template's color palette so that it blends in with the rest of your content.

3D variations

It's more or less drawn as a 3D framework, so don't add any 3D formatting.


Shadows can be added to all except the connecting polygons (from matrix segment to blowout box).

Gradients, patterns, and pictures

Gradients can be used on the connecting polygons if you wish.


Simple reveals are best.

Series that relate to this tutorial:

RE030 – Relationship 030 – Matrix Blowout

Possible use example

Links to instructions for getting the framework into your presentation

  1. Determine the best file type for your needs
  2. Download the file
  3. Import the framework into your presentation
    1. Importing a PPT file
    2. Importing a EMF or PNG
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